Radical Casual Episode 1 RWBY Volume 3

Photo from Bippwatt/Flickr

By Kevin Matyi and Janelle Clausen


In this inaugural episode of “Radical Casual Reviews,” Kevin Matyi and Janelle Clausen dive into Volume 3 of Rooster Teeth web series “RWBY” (well, at least they try). WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS!

Hosts: @JanelleClausen and @Kevin_Matyi

What is “Radical Casual”?
A crazy review show hosted by Kevin Matyi and Janelle Clausen. Most of the time, one person will give an in depth viewpoint of whatever is being reviewed, while the other will give the view of someone who has only been given a first look.

What will we be reviewing?
Pretty much anything is possible, ranging from anime to video games to politics. New releases will get precedent, however the release date does not disqualify anything from being reviewed.

What’s the format?
At this point, we’re still working out exactly what this show is going to become. There will be a spoiler warning at the beginning of each episode, a short introduction of whatever is being reviewed to give context for the viewers and proper credits at the end. Everything in the middle is up to change over time.

How long is each episode?
Originally, we intended to stay around 15 minutes, but after one episode, it was clear that we could speak for much longer. As such, this is as much up to change as the format in general.

How often are you going to release an episode?
Ideally, we would be able to get something out every other week, however due to school and job commitments, it is likely to be a monthly series.


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